About I-1698

We, the Heartbeat Committee, researched many laws and court cases across the country and finally settled on the fact that if we use ultrasound equipment then we can medically assess that the baby has entered the fetal stage because we can see not just hear the heartbeat of the baby.

An ultrasound is key to health and life of both the baby and the mother.

Getting a petition signed so the Initiative to change our laws will be on the ballot in November is the beginning of the process of saving thousands of babies lives.

We need your help!

Covid 19 has caused much disruption including abridgment of our rights to assemble and petition. It literally threatens our ability to free suffrage under Washington State's constitution.

We therefore have been very creative in the way we are working to get the signature gathering done which is required to get the initiative on the ballot in November 2020.

We are holding drive through signing events at various locations around the state. Volunteers are working very hard in support of our future babies. Check back here for future dates and locations!

We have sent by mail 5800 letters and petitions to churches around the entire state in all 39 counties. That is 15,000 petitions mailed out! Check with your church and make sure they received their copies.

The Washington State Catholic Conference is supporting this initiative as well as the Bishops and Priests. We are so grateful. Most Churches have petitions in their lobbies for signing so just drop by!

We are networking with several organizations including SW WA Life PAC, many Facebook groups and several pro-life women's clinics to spread the word.

baby toes

Where we are today

I will be following up this post with more information in the near future but for now...

We gathered 198,211 signatures thanks to the hard work of so many people across the state.

Of huge importance was the smaller community churches, the Pentecostal churches, the Baptist churches, the Lutheran churches, the Evangelical churches and the outpouring of the Catholic churches from the 3 Archdiocese in our state.

The other pro-life groups such as Rise Up Tri-Cities, Christian Action Network, Pierce County Human Life PAC, Southwest Washington Life PAC, Care Net women's healthcare system in the Puget Sound region to name just a few who stepped up as there were sooo many. Thanks to many of the county Republican Women's clubs and many Republican Parties who worked for this effort.

We did not gather enough signatures likely due to the Covid 19 stopping the spreading of the message by consuming all the air waves and closing down our churches. We did send out 5800 churches the information and had about a 20% positive response. This is encouraging as we can build on that as well as the network of those who wanted success in this first attempt.

I, Carolyn Crain, promise you that this will be back. Our children are worth it. We will start it up again and I will reach out to you all for input and guidance and support as our army will be bigger, better and stronger than ever. Look for an email, a letter and future postings. I will travel across the state to meet up with you in regions to create the success we desire when we bring it back for another year cycle.

Carolyn Crain residence: 5917 NE 47th ST Vancouver WA 98661

Cell: 503 984-5659